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Malva Armchair

Sit comfortably in the Malva Armchair!

This stylish seat is sturdy and built to last with its massive wood frame and natural walnut veneer. Plus, you can choose between two luxurious fabric options so no matter what you choose, you'll be sitting pretty! Get your Malva Armchair today and live the good life.

  • Dimensions: Depth: 94 cm x Width: 110 cm x Height: 75 cm.
  • Materials: Massive Veneer with pine wood & Fabric.
  • Cleaning Instructions: Fabric Care: Fabric is Dry Clean. Wood Care: Wipe with a damp cloth or a mild detergent. Be sure to avoid overwatering the wood. OR use a suitable care product contains oiling or waxing bases.

*Item is Delivered within 6-8 Weeks

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