Interiors We Love

Interiors We Love
It’s the look on people’s faces when they see that newly decorated home, room, or corner that makes it all worthwhile for us at INCA & Co.
Over the course of our journey, we were delighted to have met truly inspiring, one-of-a-kind people that shaped us into the colorful brand we are today. From the first steps of discussing what each client desired for their forever homes, to helping them style our fabrics and home furniture; we wanted the rooms that we decorated to reflect our beloved client’s lifestyle. 
The adorable duo, Rana Magdy’s son, and dog sitting comfortably with INCA fabrics.
Seeing our fabric collections, such as Holi or Porcelain Blue come to life within each client’s vision was nothing short of amazing for us. Some of the most memorable clients that we loved working with are Dania Gohar, Farah Fayoumi, Farah Omar, Habiba Helal, Nancy Galal, Rana Magdy, Yousra El Hawary, and many more. Each one of them being a true global nomad, mixed and matched our plethora of vibrant fabrics to create wonderful interiors that matched their own sense of style.
Fara Omar sitting in one of our favorite interiors.
Dania Gohar enjoying the amazing set-up with the eccentric pouf and amazing fabrics accessorizing her interiors.
Farah El Fayoumi relaxing in an INCA hammock indoors! Talk about a calming environment.
The ever-so-stylish Habiba Helal posing in her impressive pattern-mixing decor.
The boho vibe we are looking for is admirably exemplified with Nancy Galal’s eccentric style. 
We are in love with Yousra El Hawary’s cozy-bohemian, yet ultra-modern take on INCA fabrics and cushions.
Seeing how each client used our fabrics and home furnishings really propelled us into continuing to craft and create culturally-infused,story-telling pieces that express our clients’ unique tastes. At INCA & Co., you can lose yourself in colors, patterns, and prints that reflect eccentric designs. Find out more about how you can use one of our styling services and story-telling pieces for your interiors through our website.
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