We mobilize these sustainable steps towards environmentalism on multiple fronts: starting at a sustainable production cycle, positive social impact and conscious labor, ending the cycle with repurposing and recycling remnants and fabric waste.

Long Lasting

The First sustainable practice that we've been implementing since the start of INCA & Co. is exclusively investing in high quality products and textiles, completely stirring away from fast production.


We offer the best quality and durability of fabric based on its utilization.


We ensure that each collection and each material is carefully crafted and curated with the most masterful craftsmanship and in its native environment. We mobilize workshops all over Egypt in order to produce crafts that they're renowned for. Our pottery table lamps are moulded by skillful clay throwers that have been mastering the craft for decades. The roped, jute and bamboo lighting are all crafted meditatively by fine handed artisans. The same goes for all Inca & Co products that are produced locally, the materials are handled with care, skill, and long adorned craftsmanship.



This manifests in the shape of products that can be found in our repurposed section on the website as well as some on-ground projects that have allowed these fabrics to be re-loved by many.