Experience Collection

This collection embodies adventures that we could only dream to take across the world, back in time, and within ourselves. Take a trip along the Ancient roadway to Cappadocia through the trajectory of the horses and the merchants. Then allow the Rhythms collection to take you on an artistic exploration trip into the inner workings of the expressionism of Kazimir Malevich. Along the lines of artistic endeavors slowly move into the movements collection that dares to explore the Bauhaus aesthetic that ingeniously integrates modern art with abstract geometry. This lightness of movements is amplified in the Aloha collection through the joyous air of the island life. The nomade collection is the traveller in each of us waiting to manifest in its patterns and earthy colors. The natural elements in the Nomad collection is taken a step further with our explorations of the Dehlinza forest and all of its natural glory, its sombre but lively colors harmoniously complementing all elements of the forest in their milieu.

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